Oregano the Duck: The Story So Far

Oregano the Duck, runway shot, Season 1

Oregano the Duck is a wild mallard duck who chose a planter on my townhome balcony to lay clutches of eggs in the spring of 2018 and again in 2019. The pot originally contained oregano plants, and the little sign was still in the dirt when she took over—hence her name.

Full clutch of eggs, Season 1

Season one, she hatched eight ducklings in June, of which seven survived the jump from the balcony to the pavement. They made a home in the wetlands adjacent to my complex and a school, and I was able to see them a couple of times later that summer.

Brooding, Season 1
Oregano the Duck and ducklings hatching, Season 1

She returned earlier for season two and hatched eleven ducklings in May, all of whom survived. Saw them once a few weeks later, then they were gone.

The full monty, Season 2
Oregano the Duck and family, Season 2

If we don’t move the pot, Oregano should be back again in March or April 2020. She’s had followers all around the country and around the world including active military in the Middle East. Will be posting again on Instagram, and also here. Full chronicles and archive are still on Instagram under the #oreganotheduck hashtag.