Snowshoe running

Thought about this last year and passed. Early snowfall has me thinking again this year.



Couple of middle-schoolers at Starbucks asked me what a doppio espresso is. Told them it’s what you order when you’re dope as me.

Wide-eyed stares back.

The Game Changers: excellent vegan documentary for athletes

Another outstanding, eye-opening, inspiring, and thoroughly enjoyable documentary about switching to a vegan diet, this starting through the viewpoint of professional athletes then through the stories of first responders and military. Highly recommended. Currently available on Netflix.

Mary and I have been less careful than usual about our food choices lately, and after watching this, we are back on it, renewing our vegan commitment.

There is not a single nutritional reason to eat animals or animal by-products, and there is a long long list of health reasons not to.

Western diets only include meat and dairy out of habit and because of marketing. The habit can be broken in a couple of weeks, and most vegans will tell you that not only are the health benefits immediately obvious, but you will actually be able to taste and enjoy fresh food again at a whole new level. Marketing and peer pressure are another thing, but can be overcome with a little discipline and persistence; as the guys from Thug Kitchen say, eat like you give a fuck. That is your new tagline.

Vegan Paris

Worth another trip just for the vegan croissants.

Joffrey Ballet’s Jane Eyre

Mary and I subscribed to The Joffrey Ballet for the 2019-2020 season, and the opening was spectacular — the American premier of Cathy Marston’s choreography of Jane Eyre. Wouldn’t expect a ballet to tell this story so effectively, but it worked so well. We have a full side box all season and were excited to share it with Rick and Jen as our guests, with dinner at Mercat a la Planxa before. Very special night.

Damn straight

Excellent Paris Review interview with Nick Tosches.

“Because ninety-nine percent of what you worry about ain’t never gonna happen. What’s gonna happen is gonna come over your left shoulder and just do you in.”