Concentric circles of gun violence trauma

Not many things–nothing, in fact–gets to me the way this issue does. Now, because of what happened to them, their children have to undergo active shooter drills, expanding the concentric circles of trauma.


Another self-inflicted existential threat to humanity

In addition to overheating the planet, we have chemically altered its makeup.

“The rate at which novel entities are being developed and produced by industry exceeds governments’ ability to assess risk and monitor impacts.”

[from Mongabay]

The Ultimate Doomscroll

Essentially my Twitter feed, beautifully compiled. 

“I understand climate change as doing something similar to what Dr. Johnson said the hangman’s noose did for focusing the mind. It’s not words that I’m worried about wasting, but experiences. What’s needed is an aesthetic imperative that we somehow live in each moment as if it’s eternal and also as if it’s our last. Our ethical imperative is similar: to do everything as if it might save the world, even if it’s unlikely that it will. Tending one’s own garden need not be selfish, though if everyone does so, well, that’s something then, right? “