The final daily duck report.

So sorry to say that it looks like the saga of Oregano the Duck, at this establishment at least, has come to an end. Looks like she changed venues for Season 3: after building her nest a week ago, she hasn’t returned, and protocol says she should have started laying eggs in one to three days. No sign of her at all. Maybe there was just too much activity on the balconies and in the drive for her liking. Maybe it was just time to find another place. For those who were new to the story this year, apologies…we thought she was back. We’ll leave you with this photo of chicks hatching from last year, and you can always take a look at Seasons 1 and 2 at hashtag #oreganotheduck on Instagram—hit the recent tab. This is the last daily duck report. Oregano out. 

Daily duck report, Saturday 11 April

Still no eggs four days after she prepared her nest, and haven’t seen or heard her in two days. Getting a little concerned that she may have changed venues. Or maybe nature is just taking its time. Or maybe she’s looking for a new boyfriend.

Will post again when there are eggs…if this goes on another few days, we’ll have to assume she’s moved away.

Daily Duck Report, Wednesday 8 April

Quacking from the roof at 6:30am, but no eggs today. If she follows last year’s pattern, the first egg will be tomorrow, starting 12 or so consecutive days of eggs with maybe one day off in the middle, then 4 weeks to brood and hatch.

She’s back. Season 3 begins.

Right on time, she’s back for Season 3–-same exact day as last year. Heard her announce her arrival very early this morning. By the time I went to track her down she had already left, but not before preparing her nest. Should have eggs in a day or two. She’ll need to social distance from the dog this year.